Bone Density Building

Our Buff Bones, Bone Density classes are perfect if you have osteoporosis, osteopenia or just want to move and maintain your bone density. Both styles are fun, full of scientifically-based, impactful, strengthening and stretching movements proven to be beneficial for maintaining bone health and keeping bones strong. Offered in two different style classes, chair/standing, and mat/standing, our buff bones bone density classes are designed for all levels.

Class Schedule

Bone Density Mat / Standing

Tuesday’s 10:00 - 11:00AM

July 30 - August 27

September 3 - October 15

October 22 - November 26

Class Schedule

Bone Density Chair / Standing

Thursday’s 9:15 - 10:15AM

August 1 - August 29

September 5 - October 10

October 17 - November 21